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Women should workout differently to men? – Episode 50 with Dr Jade Teta


In many aspects of life women and men have a basic right to be equal! However, the debate still continues as to whether or not women should workout different from men. Both genders certainly can train the same if they wish, but is that the most effective thing to be doing in terms of overall health and in trying to optimise results? Dr Jade Teta rejoins us for a special show on our 50th episode to answer some important questions on gender-specific hormonal physiology and how this can be tied into exercise and fitness training.

Guest biography

Dr Jade Teta is a highly experienced personal trainer of over 25 years. He has produced numerous video-based workouts that are used by hundreds of thousands all over the world. Jade has a degree in biochemistry and is a qualified physician. His speciality is in a subset of medicine called naturopathic medicine. If you compare him to your family doctor, but instead of using drugs and surgery first, Jade chooses to use drugs as a second choice over other natural remedies and behaviours. He is also an expert in nutrition, exercise and supplementation. Jade describes his speciality as ‘integrative endocrinology.’ This is the study of hormones & metabolism. The integrative part just means that he combines and balances both conventional and alternative methods. Most of Jade’s career has been focused on helping the most difficult metabolic cases to be able to successfully lose weight.

You can learn more about jade by visiting his very informative website.

Dr Jade is the author of several books, including:

Lose Weight Here: The metabolic secret to target stubborn fat and fix your problem areas

The Metabolic Effect Diet: Eat more, workout less, and actually lose weight while you rest

Episode content: Women should workout different from men

We think this episode is going to be one of the great classics on the Fit to Succeed show. Don’t miss out, be sure to make time to listen to the full show. We cover a whole range of fascinating and important topics related to gender training considerations, especially in reference to the hormonal physiology of male and female bodies. Fitness trainers listen up and alter your practice accordingly! Women should workout different from men.

  • 2:04 Why gender is often overlooked when giving fitness advice
  • 7:45 The impact of dominant male hormones on fitness development
  • 12:12 The circadian hormonal cycle for males
  • 17:05 Optimising male circadian habits to improve weight loss efforts
  • 23:33 The impact of dominant female hormones on fitness development
  • 42:46 Women who suffer PMS and difficult menstruation may adapt their fitness training schedule
  • 46:54 The impact of menses and menopause on fitness, diet and cravings

This is the second time Dr Jade has been on the Fit to Succeed show. His first episode back in season 1 was also excellent. We discussed Calories, hormones, and metabolism as fundamental factors in managing body fat loss.

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training-tips-for-women-kim ingleby-fit-to-succeed-podcast

Expert training tips for women – Episode 4 with Kim Ingleby


Training female clients towards their health and fitness objectives is not the same as training males. There are some fundamental and important differences to consider. Successful and award-winning PT, Kim Ingleby shares her perspective on the topic and gives some great training tips for women, how trainers can relate better with their clients, and ways to optimise client results.

Guest biography

Kim Ingleby is an International Award Winning Personal Trainer, Team GB Sports Therapist and NLP Performance Coach. In 2004 she founded Energised Performance, a complete Mind & Body Coaching Consultancy to help people ‘unlock their potential’ and take action. Her clients include celebrities, Strictly Come Dancing & Team GB, as well as hundreds of people from all over the World.  Kim is a Brand Ambassador for Sweaty Betty, Shock Absorber & Optimum Nutrition Athlete. Kim is the author of the book Hound of Happiness (link below) and writes for numerous national magazines. She is an established speaker, most notably her TEDx Talk in 2015 on embracing adversity. With a degree in International Business Management, and qualifications in Advanced Personal Training, Sports Therapy, Nutritional Therapy, NLP, Hypnotherapy and DNA Master Coaching, Kim has truly broadened her skill set with a holistic view. Kim has raised over £80,000 for charity, including working in Sierra Leone & Nepal with Street Child. She successfully competed for Team GB Triathlon before contracting a challenging condition in 2013, known as Weils Disease. She is an expert at blending in-depth mind and body coaching tools into simple, accessible, and proven formulas.

Episode content: Training tips for women

Kim joins us on this show to discuss a host of important issues around fitness business, some important coaching guidelines, and training tips for women.

  • the reason behind the mind-body coaching concept
  • the importance of education and skill acquisition
  • important considerations in training females compared to males
  • how the menstrual cycle should alter the training focus across each month
  • common barriers to overcome when training women

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Company websites:

Connect with Kim on social media:

Facebook energisedperformance // mentalstrengthcoach

Twitter @kimingleby

Instagram @kimingleby

Episode links

Build your positivity through Kim’s book on Amazon

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