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Bias, misconception, and public health Part 1 – Episode 56 with Dr Dan Jolley & Dr Alex De Lyon


Enjoy discussion, debate, and revealing research about the modern personal training industry! Bias is a common feature in everyone’s life, but when bias becomes ingrained that it leads to fundamentally incorrect misconceptions that influence fitness trainer, coach and client behaviours, it has the potential to derail goal achievement and may even cause harm! Is there a growing requirement within the job role of the modern personal fitness trainer, that is not being addressed in vocational education? What are the problems of operating beyond professional scope of practice? All these are addressed in this important 2-part episode as we unravel details regarding fitness-related confirmation bias, misconception and public health misinformation!

Guest biographies

Dr Alex De Lyon

Dr Alex De Lyon: an internationally accredited Personal Trainer and Health & Exercise Specialist with over 14 years of experience in health and fitness. He holds a PhD in the field of Sport & Exercise Science, an MSc in Sport & Exercise Psychology, and a First-Class degree in Sports Coaching & Performance. Alex’s research has explored the role of fitness professionals in public health, with a particular focus on the knowledge, skills and qualities required of personal trainers. His work has been published in peer-reviewed journals, presented internationally, and included in fitness and leisure reports. Alex has worked on projects with The English Football Association, The Lawn Tennis Association and The British Academy. Visit Dr Alex’s PT website.

Dr Dan Jolley

Dr Dan Jolley: course coordinator for Fitness at South Metropolitan TAFE, in Perth, Western Australia. He teaches professional fitness certifications in Australia. Dan completed a PhD in Educational Psychology, looking at the knowledge, and sources of information, of personal trainers. He has also earned a BSc in Exercise Science, and an MSc in Exercise Physiology. Dan has worked as a strength and conditioning coach in cricket and Australian Football. He represented Australia in American Football as both a player and coach and was the strength and conditioning lead for the men’s national team for the 2011 & 2015 World Championships. Visit Dr Dan’s website.

Episode content: Bias, misconception and public health

In part 1 of this episode, we discuss the PT Dr’s primary findings in their published research on bias, misconception and public health, and then we open up about the impact these findings have on the wider fitness industry.

  • 3:34 Bias, misconception, and justifying our past choices
  • 8:37 The impact on the wider fitness industry
  • 9:56 Professional experience does not associate with increased knowledge
  • 15:22 Fitness professionals are an important, but undervalued health resource
  • 18:07 Education providers, fitness trainers, and employers may not be fully aligned in serving public health needs
  • 20:34 Protecting the fitness professionals scope of practice
  • 23:18 Qualified trainers acting in opposition to the knowledge taught
  • 28:05 Pressure from employers to work outside of current knowledge and skills
  • 35:22 Is there a place for self-taught ‘expertise’ or do all skills need formal certification?
  • 40:16 Defining the scope of practice and leveraging professional referral

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5 top online personal trainer courses in Europe

Online education has developed significantly over the last 10 years to the point where it is now possible to get a strong education in vocational and practical skills through the online / e-learning world. However, the online space also offers low-cost, low-quality fitness education. It is essential to do your research and ensure you are clear on what are the key factors to look out for before parting with your hard-earned cash and investing valuable study time to get certified. In this blog, we will make it 100% clear what will help you identify the better quality online personal trainer courses in Europe. We will even provide you with an overview of 5 top online course options.

Fitness in Europe

Personal training and fitness instruction are very popular professions that provide high levels of job satisfaction. Up to 74% of personal trainers stated they were very satisfied with their jobs, according to a recent report. The strong and ever-growing European fitness industry is now valued at €28.2 billion. Europe has 63,644 fitness clubs amassing 64.8 million members across the continent, according to the 2020 Deloitte market report. The fitness industry is a strong vibrant market that needs committed, motivated and well-qualified fitness instructors and personal trainers to sustain its growth and longevity. Could you be part of this rewarding industry? If the answer is ‘Yes!’, then keep reading as we guide you on how to get qualified alongside your existing commitments. Let’s start by identifying some guidelines to follow when reviewing online personal trainer courses in Europe.

Online personal trainer courses: Quality guidelines

If you search the internet for ‘online personal trainer courses in Europe’ the search results will turn out literally millions of results. Behavioural studies suggest that 91% of people do not read past the first page of internet results, but usually just amend the search term instead. This means that the first page of results will be those with strong ‘search engine optimisation’ (SEO) on their website. This is not necessarily a guarantee that you have found the best quality courses in your search. We encourage a little more diligence in your research, maybe looking beyond the first page of results. We also suggest that as you thoroughly look into each training provider and that you compare your findings against the following ‘quality’ criteria.

  • Accredited/approved online courses only – this means that an independent standards organisation has reviewed the quality of the online personal training course and can verify that it reaches a specified level of quality. EuropeActive and EREP’s are the organisations with the most widely accepted professional quality standards for the fitness industry in Europe.
  • Verified independent reviews – these are genuine customer reviews provided using an independent review service e.g. Trustpilot, Yelp, or Google reviews. Reading past performance and experience from students who took the course can help to reassure you before purchase. Student testimonials included directly within a website can easily be selected to only show the best feedback, ignoring any negative comments. An independent review service will showcase all feedback, both critical and praiseworthy.
  • Course content and assessment clearly explained – a company who is confident of their quality and materials will be transparent about the subject matter they cover and the methodology of the assessments used within the course to test and check student knowledge and skill development.
  • Course duration – in simple terms quicker is not always better when it comes to educational quality. Some courses may offer unlimited time to completion. This is not always desirable, especially as online education already requires a higher degree of self-discipline. Without time restrictions it is all too easy to put off study to another day and before you know it days become weeks, weeks become months and the course doesn’t get completed. We recommended that you choose a course with a specified time limit to encourage proactive learning, but enough leeway to allow you to adapt to your personal circumstances.
  • Check for course pre-requisites – this is a list of essential items or previous education that must be in place prior to being able to take the course. Some personal trainer courses may appear cheaper, but on further investigation, they have previous, and sometimes substantial, requirements to be eligible for registration.
  • Tutor support – not all online personal trainer courses offer expert tutor support. Most will offer some level of support, but be thorough to check what this is. Ideally, support should be available from a qualified and experienced personal training tutor, not just from the customer service team. Live support may come in the form of emails, messaging services, phone calls, or even video calls with a real tutor in order to provide the best support to your learning experience.
  • Price – the cost of a course is an important factor that cannot be ignored. It would a fair generalisation that in education you often receive back what you invest. Lower priced courses usually offer a reduced service level to justify the reduced cost. Often, though not always, higher-priced courses offer a higher level of service and quality as a reflection of the higher fee. Our advice is to seek for the best quality product and service that you can afford within your budget. If you are attracted by a low-cost course, double-check they meet the quality criteria listed above. If they do not meet the criteria, be sure you are willing to accept the reduction in service level before you purchase.

5 online personal trainer courses in Europe

Online courses can offer several benefits that make it an attractive option for learning new skills such as:

  • No physical class to attend and thus no specific geographical location required for study – access available wherever there is an internet connection.
  • The course timetable is usually adaptable to your personal daily schedule and can fit around your needs.
  • Lessons are available to watch/read multiple times if needed.
  • Course content can leverage many helpful digital features that can make the learning process more effective than the traditional live classroom model.

We have done the research and identified 5 online personal trainer courses in Europe that you may wish to review to determine which works best for you. It is important to note that these courses are those that offer all their education through e-learning, there is no face-to-face, in-person classes or another blended form of learning required. Some do require attendance at a specific venue for the final course assessments, but not for the learning process. Let’s begin with the comparison table that reviews the main items.

top-online-personal-training courses-Europe-comparison-table
Comparison of online PT courses in Europe (Open image in new tab to Zoom)

Nordic Fitness Education


NFE offers a 100% fully online programme through their Nordic Personal Trainer Certificate. The programme of study is all in English and requires a minimum of 4 terms of study, totalling 24 weeks. During this time the learner is required to complete 6 modules and a voluntary fitness internship, totalling 290 hours of study. The course has been independently accredited and graduates are registered as Level 4 personal trainers on the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREP’s). Importantly the course also includes the Level 3 Fitness instructor standards. Previously unqualified individuals can start their journey to becoming a fitness professional with NFE and be confident both the Level 3 and 4 professional standards are included.

NFE state that students will always have access to an assigned personal tutor in every module who is available to support your education and grade all the assessments. NFE charge a moderate price for the higher level of support and service on offer. They offer a monthly payment plan to help spread the cost. NFE also have a very high, independent student rating to show that their graduates are very pleased with the more personal, higher service level provided.



Origym is a well-established educator that delivers fitness instructor and personal trainer courses across the UK and Ireland. They offer most of their courses in a blended learning format, but they do also offer a distance learning option through their online PT certificate. Origym courses are accredited by the NCFE in the UK and EREP’s across Europe. In order to be eligible for the personal trainer course, it is essential that students are already fitness instructor certified. These essential requirements are not included in the low-priced Origym personal trainer course. They offer flexible payment plans to help spread the cost. Origym offers all their learning through their e-learning platform. The final theory exam and practical assessments must be taken at one of their specified physical locations across the UK or Ireland. This may be a problem for international students outside of these two countries.

DS Personal Training School


DS PT school offer an online distance learning personal trainer course option for Swedish speaking individuals. The course is delivered online, with the final assessments requiring attendance at one of their 4 specified venues across Sweden. They are clearly focused on serving the Swedish fitness market. The course appears to be thoroughly assessed which is usually a good sign of quality standards. It is accredited by EREP’s as well to provide an additional sign of reaching an independently approved standard.

DS PT school provide a summary list of the subject matter that they cover on the course. However, little mention is made on the website of how long the course takes, nor the level of support that is offered by the tutor team. The tutor team credentials are available to review. DS PT school is the most expensive option of the 5 courses we reviewed, but they do offer a payment instalment plan to help spread the cost.

Intensive PT


Intensive PT is a rapidly expanding Swedish company that now offers an ‘International’ online personal training course. This appears to mean that a version of their established Swedish language PT course has been translated and is now available in English as an online distance learning option. The course has been independently verified and graduates are eligible for registration with EREP’s. The Swedish site identifies all the tutor team with a short biography of their qualifications, but this is not present on the online, distance learning site. The level of tutor support for the online course is not clarified and may need to be established through communication with Intensive PT directly.

The course details state that there are no time limits on the study period. Students are allowed to progress entirely at their own pace. This may work for the truly self-motivated student, but maybe a factor to consider if you need more encouragement and accountability to complete your learning journey.

Online Trainer Lizenz


Online Trainer Lizenz is a German branded company that is focusing purely on the German online personal trainer market. They have expanded rapidly and taught 1000’s of students to date. This is a sign of their successful marketing and effective educational product that they offer in their Fitness Trainer A license. The course is specifically for the German market, only available in the German language. They only have educational endorsements from German standards of recognition in ZFU and TUV-SUD.

The website indicates the course is on par with the Level 4 European Qualification Framework, but they do not currently hold EREP’s professional approval for the fitness industry. OTL have a very high approval rate on their independent reviews. This is a reliable indicator that customers are happy with this lower-cost product. It is clear that Online Trainer Lizenz has positioned themselves in a more budget price bracket with a reduced service level compared to other education providers. But several signs show they are offering good value for the price and keeping their customers satisfied.


We have only highlighted 5 of the more prominent online personal trainer courses in Europe in this blog (as of Jan 21). The fitness education industry is developing all the time. Training providers continue to improve their product offerings and release new course options. In time there will likely be more choice. You may find through your own research that other training providers offer a suitable online personal training course in your country and language. By all means, if you have checked these courses against the quality criteria above and you are happy with what you have found then, by all means, get registered and get qualified. There is a vibrant fitness industry waiting to receive you!


Sleep loss and exercise performance – Episode 52 with Dr Michael Grandner


No doubt, you are well aware that a bad night’s sleep can leave you struggling for energy and the ability to remain alert. But did you know that sleep loss and exercise performance also have a strong connection! Even small amounts of lost sleep that become a regular habit can have a significant negative impact on your sporting performance, your exercise and, ultimately, your fitness results. Episode 52, with a global leader in the field sleep research, Dr Michael Grandner, will help unfold the details and give you actionable tips to help restore your sleep today!

Guest Biography

Dr. Michael Grandner is the Director of the Sleep and Health Research Program and Associate Professor, Clinical Translational Sciences, Medicine, Psychiatry, and Psychology in the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson. He is Board-Certified in Behavioral Sleep Medicine. Dr Grandner has 4 university degrees, obtaining his PhD in clinical psychology 2007. He has published 100’s of scientific articles and been cited 1000’s times across the scientific literature and is one of the leading voices in the field of sleep science. Several of his published journal articles directly address the impact of sleep, or lack of sleep, in relation to sporting performance. Dr Grandner served on the Olympic Mental health consensus committee where they published an official Olympic statement calling for greater awareness of mental health for elite athletes. He recently served as lead editor for an outstanding book titled, Sleep and Health (2019), which will serve as an influential text in the field of sleep for years to come. Find out more on Dr Grandner’s website.

Dr Michael Grandner

Episode content: Sleep loss and exercise performance

There was not enough time to ask everything we had hoped to cover in this fascinating dive into sleep loss and exercise, chronotype, and the impact on athletic and physical performance. Key topics and questions were:

  • 2:55  What led Dr Grandner into the field of sleep research
  • 6:50  Is chronotype and circadian phenotype the same thing?
  • 14.09  How can the listener determine their own chronotype?
  • 15:36  Do all individuals experience peak physical performance between 4-7pm?
  • 19:28  Is early morning exercise the least effective time to do exercise for all chronotypes?
  • 28:00  How can temperate regions work around the lack of early sunlight exposure during darker winter months?
  • 29:38  How can coaches and fitness trainers use the knowledge of chronotype variation to plan their client’s training schedules?
  • 33:44  The scope of sleep problems among elite athletic populations
  • 41:28  Does the science actually show that increasing the length of sleep has a positive impact on physical performance?
  • 46:16  Three evidence-based sleep tips that have been effective in demonstrating improvement for physical performance

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Episode links

Re-timer light glasses

Online quiz to determine your own chronotype


Discovering body fats hidden secrets – Episode 51 with Dr Sylvia Tara


Even though every human on the planet has stored body fat of differing amounts, it is surprising how little most people actually know about its functions in life. This may be because the science of body fat is relatively new only gaining real interest since the mid-’90s. Listen and learn body fats hidden secrets. Fat is so much more than a wobbly store of excess calories, it interacts, communicates, and even supports healthy body processes. Dr Sylvia Tara, the author of The Secret Life of Fat, kickstarts season 3 with a great interview.

Guest biography

Sylvia Tara holds a PhD in biochemistry from The University of California, San Diego and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. She was a healthcare management consultant with McKinsey & Company and has worked for the world’s largest biotechnology companies.

After an extended battle with her own body fat, Dr Tara became fascinated with its resiliency and embarked on a mission to better understand it. Her book, The Secret Life of Fat, is the culmination of years of research and interviews with physicians, patients and leading scientists.

You can learn more about Dr Tara by visiting her personal website.

Episode content: Body fats hidden secrets

This episode is essential listening for anyone who has struggled with their own body fat levels, or for anyone who coaches others to manage their body fat more effectively. Listen and learn body fat’s hidden secrets with Dr Tara, there are great insights and helpful coaching tips. 

  • 1:56 Why listen to this episode
  • 4:33 The major roles of body fat in human physiology and health
  • 7:07 The recommended level of body fat in males and females to maintain health
  • 10:52 The obesity paradox
  • 16:30 Different coloured body fat and its purposes
  • 19:24 Hormonal factors produced by body fat
  • 22:50 A story of how genetic leptin defects interfere with health and hunger
  • 27:26 Weight loss and the role of willpower and calories
  • 30:44 The impact of obesity on coronavirus pandemic
  • 33:04 Suggested strategies for effectively managing body fat levels

Connect with Dr Tara over social media

Facebook: @sylviataraphd

Twitter: @sylviataraphd

Buy Dr Tara’s book

Available to purchase on Amazon Kindle

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Women should workout differently to men? – Episode 50 with Dr Jade Teta


In many aspects of life women and men have a basic right to be equal! However, the debate still continues as to whether or not women should workout different from men. Both genders certainly can train the same if they wish, but is that the most effective thing to be doing in terms of overall health and in trying to optimise results? Dr Jade Teta rejoins us for a special show on our 50th episode to answer some important questions on gender-specific hormonal physiology and how this can be tied into exercise and fitness training.

Guest biography

Dr Jade Teta is a highly experienced personal trainer of over 25 years. He has produced numerous video-based workouts that are used by hundreds of thousands all over the world. Jade has a degree in biochemistry and is a qualified physician. His speciality is in a subset of medicine called naturopathic medicine. If you compare him to your family doctor, but instead of using drugs and surgery first, Jade chooses to use drugs as a second choice over other natural remedies and behaviours. He is also an expert in nutrition, exercise and supplementation. Jade describes his speciality as ‘integrative endocrinology.’ This is the study of hormones & metabolism. The integrative part just means that he combines and balances both conventional and alternative methods. Most of Jade’s career has been focused on helping the most difficult metabolic cases to be able to successfully lose weight.

You can learn more about jade by visiting his very informative website.

Dr Jade is the author of several books, including:

Lose Weight Here: The metabolic secret to target stubborn fat and fix your problem areas

The Metabolic Effect Diet: Eat more, workout less, and actually lose weight while you rest

Episode content: Women should workout different from men

We think this episode is going to be one of the great classics on the Fit to Succeed show. Don’t miss out, be sure to make time to listen to the full show. We cover a whole range of fascinating and important topics related to gender training considerations, especially in reference to the hormonal physiology of male and female bodies. Fitness trainers listen up and alter your practice accordingly! Women should workout different from men.

  • 2:04 Why gender is often overlooked when giving fitness advice
  • 7:45 The impact of dominant male hormones on fitness development
  • 12:12 The circadian hormonal cycle for males
  • 17:05 Optimising male circadian habits to improve weight loss efforts
  • 23:33 The impact of dominant female hormones on fitness development
  • 42:46 Women who suffer PMS and difficult menstruation may adapt their fitness training schedule
  • 46:54 The impact of menses and menopause on fitness, diet and cravings

This is the second time Dr Jade has been on the Fit to Succeed show. His first episode back in season 1 was also excellent. We discussed Calories, hormones, and metabolism as fundamental factors in managing body fat loss.

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workplace -wellness-for-highly-productive-people-dr-john-briffa-fit-to-succeed-podcast

Workplace wellness for highly productive people – Episode 49 with Dr John Briffa


There is no doubt that successfully managing the health of the human body has plenty of benefit for the workplace for all types of employment. However, the question is whether an employer or corporate organisation have the right to interfere with their employee’s lifestyle and health-related habits? Also what realistic actions can be taken to make a difference in workplace wellness, productivity and efficiency? Dr John Briffa, a leading voice within corporate health and wellbeing, joins us on today’s show to answer these important questions.

Guest biography

Dr John Briffa is a practising medical doctor, author and international speaker. He is a prize-winning graduate of University College London School of Medicine, and also holds a BSc degree in Biomedical Sciences. 

Dr Briffa is a former columnist for the Daily Mail and the Observer newspapers in the UK, and former contributing editor for Men’s Health magazine and is a previous recipient of the Health Journalist of the Year award in the UK.

Dr Briffa has authored nine books including A Great Day at the Office (Harper Collins 2014), a practical guide to optimising energy and performance for business professionals. He is the director of Dr Briffa Wellness, a specialist consultancy that provides speaking and training services to organisations and business professionals around the world. Clients include Deloitte, PwC, HSBC, Barclays, the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Allen and Overy, Gowling WLG, the BBC, Tesco and Schroders.

Episode content: Workplace wellness

In this discussion, John shares some great perspectives, insights, and health tips that will benefit your working habits and lifestyle more broadly. John’s gift for communication and personable style make this a great, easy listening episode that is well worth your listening time! 

  • 1:48 What motivated Dr Briffa to work within the field of corporate wellness
  • 7:44 The responsibility of the employer and employee in personal wellbeing
  • 10:46 Workplace rights to interfere versus the personal right to choose
  • 17:54 The workplace as an option to reach individuals and affect health change
  • 22:43 The cause and a potential solution to mid-afternoon fatigue
  • 30:10 How poor sleep can impact productivity and performance
  • 37:37 Managing stress load within the work environment
  • 52:50 Quick-fire questions: sunlight exposure, breathing techniques, & music at work

Connect with Dr Briffa via social media

Twitter: @drbriffa

Linkedin: @dr john briffa

Dr Briffa’s books

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Creating a successful fitness journey – Episode 48 with Ceri Hannan


Fitness is a truly exciting and rewarding career, but it seems that many new trainers may struggle to find those secrets to a successful fitness journey. Approximately 50% of personal trainers (*2018) have been in the industry for less than 5 years, whereas only 6.9% of trainers have more than 15 years of experience. So to speak with a fitness professional that has consistently succeeded within the industry at all levels for more than 3 decades is truly something special! In this episode, we tease out some gems and enjoy a few fascinating stories with leading international fitness expert, Ceri Hannan.

Guest biography

33 years in the Health & Fitness industry has taken Ceri Hannan across the World in various capacities. As the former British Aerobics Champion, he represented the United Kingdom at European & World level. His presenting career alongside his work with many health club operators has seen his programmes and systems delivered to millions of fitness consumers globally! Ceri is based in Cape Town, South Africa, where he is the National Product Development Manager working alongside the exercise experience team at Virgin Active. He is also the co-director of Chrysalis Promotions, the organizers of the annual The International Fitness Showcase event in the UK, which is one of the top 10 fitness conventions in the world.

Ceri Hannan, National Product Development Manager, Virgin Active

Episode content: Successful fitness journey

If you like engaging true stories with real value and meaning behind them, then this episode will be worth every minute of your time. We draw out some fascinating life experience and important success principles as a fitness professional during this episode.

  • 1:40 Secrets to career longevity within the fitness industry
  • 4:44 A memorable trip back to Ceri’s first fitness experience and how this inspired his drive for fitness career success
  • 13:30 An emphasis on simplicity and passion
  • 18:42 An example of a difficult fitness career experience and how Ceri managed this to springboard into something more positive
  • 30:44 The importance of connection and networking for opening new opportunities
  • 35:48 Ceri’s perspective on the role of small, consistent habits as a progressive model for success
  • 41:59 Predictions for future trends and areas where the fitness industry will flourish looking forward

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Life after the Vegetarian Myth – Episode 47 with Lierre Keith


20 years a dedicated vegan … invested morally, nutritionally, and politically into this lifestyle … then a monumental shift back to an omnivorous life to try and rescue her failing health, after living, what she calls, the vegetarian myth! Lierre Keith wrote a book about this life change and discussed the flaws, from her perspective, on the underlying principles of vegetarianism and veganism. The praise for her book has been clear to see, but so was the kickback! Online criticism, attack on character, and even death threats followed from those who disagreed! A decade on from the publication of her groundbreaking book and we speak with Lierre about her life and experiences since.

Guest biography

Lierre Keith is an American writer, food activist, and an environmentalist. She is the author of the highly acclaimed book, The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability (2009). She is co-author, with Derrick Jensen and Aric McBay, of Deep Green Resistance: Strategy to Save the Planet (Seven Stories Press, 2011) and she’s the editor of The Derrick Jensen Reader: Writings on Environmental Revolution (Seven Stories Press, 2012).

Episode content: Vegetarian myth

This episode is an instant classic! Lierre shares some great insights into her life since the publication of her highly influential book. We review some of the fundamental principles of the book and also the impact it has had on her life, including:

  • 1:18 Impact of publishing the Vegetarian Myth had on Lierre’s life
  • 3:55 What Lierre enjoyed about the vegan lifestyle
  • 8:00 Why the book was called the Vegetarian Myth and not the Vegan Myth?
  • 9:20 What is meant by the term moral vegetarianism?
  • 15:58 The political arguments for being vegetarian
  • 22:31 What is meant by nutritional vegetarianism?
  • 25:11 Nutritional components from animal foods that support health
  • 28:20 Lierre’s typical dietary practices
  • 32:41 Animal farming and the impact on the environment and carbon emissions
  • 35:08 A decade later, Lierre´s proposed changes to the Vegetarian Myth book
  • 41:51 Problems with industrial-scale plant food production

During the show, Lierre refers specifically to a study regarding brain size and dietary choices. We believe this is the study she was referring to

You may also enjoy our past interview in Episode 27 with Dr Natasha Campbel–McBride, titled The rise of Vegetarianism.

Connect with Lierre on social media

Lierre Keith profile

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Glute training: The scientific bottom line – Episode 46 with Bret Contreras PhD


Glutes! Backside! Bottom! Derrière! Tush! Buttocks! Booty! Whatever you choose to call it, training the 3 major muscles that make up the gluteals has been a huge fitness trend in recent years. Glute training or developing shapely, athletic and functional hip musculature is certainly an important aspect of strength and conditioning and physical performance as you will find out in this episode with the ‘Glute Guy’, Bret Contreras! However, for some, it is simply a matter of striving towards the goal of a fit, curvy, Kardashian or Beyonce type figure.

Guest biography

Bret Contreras is considered by many to be the world’s foremost expert on training the gluteals (buttocks) and goes by the name of the ‘Glute Guy’. However, he is also very well versed in a wide range of high-level sports science as a result of years of study and a PhD in this field. Bret is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and the author of the highly recommended book, Glute Lab, named after the fitness facility he operates in San Diego, California. He is also acknowledged as the creator of the barbell hip thruster exercise.

Bret contreras-glute training
Bret Contreras PhD

Episode content: Glute training

Well, to be honest, we found Bret to be a really down-to-earth guy and easy to speak with, but with a mountain of knowledge under his relaxed demeanour. This episode covered some fun and enjoyable content, but then we really dived deep into some of the science underpinning strength training for the glutes and other important fitness and success factors. The following are the key elements of our conversation: 

  • 1:43 How do Bret’s training methods help deliver optimal results
  • 4:37 A little about the Glute Lab best-selling book on Amazon
  • 5:55 The origin of the nickname the ‘Glute Guy’
  • 10:00 The popularity of shaping and strengthening glutes
  • 12:50 Are males as interested in training glutes as females?
  • 17:16 Is female muscle fibre type dominance responsible for the ability to train higher volume?
  • 18:30 The rule of thirds for glute training
  • 22:30 The top 3 exercises for optimal glute activation
  • 23:44 Are the top glute activation exercises also the most popular?
  • 26:59 A summary of Bret’s PhD research
  • 30:58 Recent changes in practice due to ongoing scientific research
  • 37:19 The importance of patience and hard work in seeking success

During the show, Bret refers to 2 research papers. The links can be found below:

Glutes to the Max
Are all hip extension exercises created equal?

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Adapting to online personal training – Episode 45 with Sharad


The world of online personal training is definitely growing! In fact with the recent movement restrictions due to Coronavirus impacting numerous countries around the world, online training has taken a significant boost! The fitness industry model is still very much built around a face-to-face delivery of fitness training services and that is what the vast majority of personal trainers conform to offer. So what things need to be considered when adapting personal training to an online offering? We asked Sharad Mohan, the CEO of the leading PT software platform, Trainerize to share his inside perspective.

Guest biography

Sharad Mohan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Trainerize—the company known for digitizing the fitness club experience—and the driving force behind their mission to “make fitness accessible”. Founded in 2008, Trainerize has been helping fitness businesses leverage technology to stay relevant in the digital fitness age and engage their members in new ways using mobile and wearable devices.

What technologies/apps/platforms will reshape our industry in the ...

Episode content: Online personal training

During this important discussion around online personal training, Sharad answered a range of important questions offering insight to fitness professionals across the following topics:

  • 1:18 Why Trainerize is a great online tool for fitness professionals
  • 2:19 Online training can be more than just sharing video content
  • 3:38 Background to developing the first fitness application
  • 5:46 Does online training reduce or improve the client relationship?
  • 8:53 Does online training reach further into communities than normal big box gyms?
  • 12:16 Strengths of online versus face to face fitness training
  • 16:39 Local versus global business competition through online personal training
  • 22:07 How important is a social media profile in succeeding as an online fitness trainer?
  • 24:58 Data capture features within Trainerize to benefit an online fitness business

Start a 30-day free trial of the leading online PT software at Trainerize.

Connect with Trainerize via social media:

 Facebook @trainerize

 Instagram: @trainerize

 Twitter @trainerize

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