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Making real change within fitness – Episode 38 with Dr John Berardi


Progress is about making real change within yourself as a fitness professional, and also within your clients as they progress on their wellness journey. Dr John Berardi, of Precision Nutrition fame, is just about to launch an exciting new project called the Change Maker Academy. He joins us on the Fit to Succeed show to share some key concepts and golden nuggets with our valued listeners.

Guest biography

John Berardi is a Canadian-American entrepreneur best known as the co-founder of Precision Nutrition, the world’s largest nutrition coaching, education, and software company. He is now launching the Change Maker Academy, devoted to helping would-be change-makers turn their passion for health and fitness into a powerful purpose and a wildly successful career.

Over the last 15 years, Dr Berardi has advised Apple, Equinox, Nike, and Titleist, as well as the San Antonio Spurs, and the Carolina Panthers. He’s also been named one of the 20 smartest coaches in the world and 100 most influential people in health and fitness.

Dr John Berardi precision nutrition change maker
Dr John Berardi

Episode content: Making real change 

Join us for a deep dive into the principles and concepts that have helped drive one of the most successful health and fitness coaches in the modern era:

  • 1:10: Why 40% or more of fitness professionals leave the industry each year
  • 5:08: Being good at, or enjoying fitness, does not always translate into being a good health and fitness coach
  • 13:33: Actions that helped to lay the foundation for the now globally successful, Precision Nutrition business
  • 25:28: Using the elements of a client’s already successful practices to identify how to move them more rapidly towards their goals
  • 34:02: How can fitness professionals start with the end in mind, so that delays and hurdles associated with the road to success do not trip them up?
  • 41:19: Information about the new Change Maker Academy project
Change Maker free chapter Berardi

During the show, Dr Berardi refers to a free chapter download of his new book – get the free chapter here:

Change Maker Academy

Change Maker is your ULTIMATE health and fitness career guide. In it you’ll learn why making real change will:

  • Turn your passion into a rewarding, life-changing career
  • Make enough money to be financially secure (and then some)
  • Create a flexible schedule, so you can work when you want
  • Find personal and professional balance (and avoid burn-out)
  • Get phenomenal results with your clients—now and forever

 You don’t have to figure it all out on your own.

With thousands of certifications, seminars, websites, and gurus promising advice, it’s difficult for even the best pros to turn their passion for health and fitness into meaningful, measurable success.

Dr Berardi will help you make sense of the chaos and lay out a clear roadmap for turning your passion for health and fitness into work you find joy in, your clients into raving fans, and your career into something powerful and change-making.

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PT to Sports Coach – Episode 5 with Phil Mansfield


Sometimes personal training and working as a coach within a sport can seem worlds apart. Phil Mansfield has successfully made the transition from working as a leading PT and fitness educator to now have become a successful, elite sports coach. He joins us on the Fit to Succeed show to discuss some of the key ways in which the fitness industry and sports coaching industries can actually complement one another, and how others may follow in his footsteps shifting from PT to sports coach.

Guest biography

As a former high-level rugby player in the UK, Phil has enjoyed a varied career within fitness and elite sport. As a leading fitness professional, Phil trained clients and lectured in education for many years. He has also benefited from coaching athletes across a range of sports, including cycling, running, triathlon, football and rugby. Phil founded the Mansfield Sports Institute, based in Denmark. This is a sports coaching and education provider specializing in the fields of physical training and sports performance.

Coach Phil Mansfield

Episode content: PT to sports coach

Coach Phil joins us in this episode for a fascinating investigation into the training methodology used within endurance cycling. The discussion is directed towards boosting and tracking physical performance, including:

  • how strength training can play a part in endurance cycling performance
  • primary fitness and athletic factors that are important for cycling performance
  • transition phase cycling training sessions and how these may be structured
  • key factors in avoiding over-training
  • the role of off-bike training in helping benefit performance

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Connect with Phil on Social media:

Facebook MSICoach

Instagram philmansfield_msi

Twitter @PhilJSM

Episode links

Check out Phil’s podcast show to learn more about him and benefit from further elite training knowledge

         The Red Pill Training Podcast 

During the show, we referred to using Garmin cycling trackers. Here are 2 of Phil’s recommended cycling computers available through Amazon:

Garmin 520

Garmin 810


Creating personal training products that sell

So you are a qualified personal trainer or fitness professional! You have gained the knowledge, skills and passion to help others succeed in achieving their health and fitness goals. Full of enthusiasm you head out into the fitness industry to find clientele and build a thriving fitness business. Fast forward a few months…you still have the knowledge, skills and passion, but the clientele and thriving business have not quite come to fruition. The problem is they simply did not create personal training products that sell! This is an all too common story in the fitness industry, but it doesn’t have to be this way. It just requires you to expand your abilities to include business, marketing and sales. Hold on, wait a minute, don’t go…I know this doesn’t sound exciting, but it is often the difference between successful trainers and those who struggle to break even.


Do you find yourself comparing your skills and business to other trainers and falling into a pattern of reacting to the fitness competition around you? Think about it, are your prices and products based on what other trainers in your region are doing? Putting all your efforts into trying to keep up can be tiring and time-consuming. Instead of or reacting, try looking ahead to your true business vision and start being proactive in developing a successful business plan. How do you creat personal training products that sell? What do you need to do to attract new client’s? Have you identified your typical target client? How will you adapt your business to meet their needs? Too often PT’s and fitness trainers have mapped out in their head what they want their fitness business to be without considering the real needs of the customer or clientele. So let’s change that right now. Hold a picture in your mind’s eye of the type of clients you want to train. Now answer the following questions:

  1. What is their typical gender (if relevant) and age range?
  2. What is their typical social class, employment type or financial status?
  3. Where are these people located geographically or virtually?
  4. What are their greatest health and fitness needs?
  5. Where does fitness training appear in their personal priorities or hierarchy of values?
  6. What style of training delivery will most suit their personality? (military, motivational, friendly, caring, energetic, teacher etc.)
  7. What other aspects, beyond fitness, will they likely need assistance in? (group exercise, boot camp, nutrition, weight loss, stress management, relaxation, postural correction, sleep management etc.)
  8. Do you have the skills and qualifications to address your target client’s needs?

Only once you can answer these 8 questions are you in a place to create a strategy to appeal to your target customer. Start by addressing question 8. Get the skills and qualifications needed or you will not be able to provide the solutions that your target client likely needs. Too often trainers employ a vague marketing strategy that is more about stating what they are qualified to do, rather than trying to show a client that they are providing a service that is an effective solution to their personal fitness needs. This inward perspective tends to lead to a single, hourly pricing strategy based upon the fitness trainers market value due to their qualifications and experience. A freshly certified trainer may be priced at €35/hour, while a more qualified, experienced trainer could be charging €60-80/hour. To be honest, this pricing strategy is pointless without considering the target client. How much are they typically willing to pay to achieve their health and fitness goals? If your target client can only afford €35 it doesn’t matter if you think your worth €50/hour as it is out of their price range and you have created a barrier to sale. So, create a different option. Can you provide a product/service within the client’s price range that will still provide a suitable profit margin for your business? If you can offer a product/service that will resolve the client’s problem, deliver this at a price that is right, and the client likes you as an individual, chances are you will agree on a training contract and gain a new client.


Develop a range of products/services to allow some flexibility in both addressing client needs and in providing a range of pricing options. This will allow the client the ability to add in or remove options that they do or do not want at this moment in time. Price your products/services based upon the value that is being offered to the client by the product/service, not upon your own perceived value, qualification or experience level as a trainer.  Share your product/service portfolio with some friends, family or contacts who may fit your target clientele and gather feedback. Listen carefully and adapt your products/services and prices based upon any valid and beneficial feedback. Not everything offered in feedback may be useful, but be careful not to be too protective of your plan that you fail to make changes that could benefit your business down the road. Be objective. Try to think like your target clients. Be open to critique and remember your goal is to create personal training products that sell, not to protect your ego.

Once you have developed a client-focused product/service portfolio that allows them to choose the service level they need, combined with a suitable, value-driven pricing strategy, you are ready to move forward and market your products and get some sales!

Could you benefit from strengthening your business skills? To learn more and develop the ability to truly succeed in the fitness / personal training business take the Business Skills for Personal Training from Nordic Fitness education.

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